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Treat the Whole Horse
By integrating traditional western medicine with techniques like osteopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine, we achieve better health and mobility in our patients.  We believe that every horse, whether he's an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or a beloved retiree, deserves to feel his best.
Assess and restore the horse's mobility for ideal health.


Osteopathy enhances mobility through manual manipulation of the horse’s skeleton, but it also takes organ innervation and function into consideration. The goal is to improve health, mobility, and functionality of the whole horse. We have multiple Osteopaths working at True North so that each horse can be seen and treated in a timely fashion. Having Osteopathy done in regular intervals has shown to improve the whole horse. Whether you have a competition horse who needs to stay in tip top shape or a pleasure horse you want to keep feeling good. Osteopathy is a great option to add to your horses care routine.  

Sports Medicine & Lameness Evaluations
Localize and assess pathology.  

After obtaining a detailed history, performing a physical examination, and watching the horse go, a typical lameness examination includes limb flexions, diagnostic nerve blocks, and diagnostic imaging. For difficult cases, our lameness locator can provide objective information about which limb the horse is favoring. A therapeutic regimen will then be developed to suit your horse’s condition. If inflammation or osteoarthritis is suspected within a joint, injection with corticosteroid, hyaluronic acid, or a combination of both may be warranted.

Regenerative Laser Therapy
Laser therapy increases localized blood flow, enhances tissue oxygenation, and stimulates cellular metabolism. Combined this leads to a general effect of stimulating the body to function exactly as it does naturally only faster and more efficiently.
Regenerative Laser Therapy (RLT) is achieved when light is delivered in very short, very high-energy pulses. When these pulses are absorbed deep into the tissue, they create an outgoing shockwave (in all directions;) called a photo-acoustic wave that propagates even deeper into the tissue. More importantly, these waves can interact with the extracellular matrix, a web of tissue around the tendon/ligament that hold important growth factors. RLT can force these growth factors to be released and absorbed into injured cells when they would NOT have naturally. RLT technology broadens the scope of what can be treated to the more severe pathologies, especially in the ligaments and tendons of the equine athlete.


Injuries that will naturally cause scar tissue, which over time will compromise the elasticity of the tendon/ ligament, can now be nipped in the bud (if caught early) or even restored in chronic cases.

General Wellness Care
Wellness care and preventive medicine are vital to maintaining a healthy, successful partnership with your horse.


We offer routine wellness care for your horse in any life stage or riding discipline. This includes physical examinations, diagnostic blood work, vaccinations, shoeing recommendations, ophthalmic examinations, Coggins testing, health certificates, fecal egg counts, deworming recommendations, etc.

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging is a great non-invasive tool we can use to get a clear picture of the horse. 

Thermal Imaging is a great tool we use for all sorts of problems. It gives us a physical picture of the horses heat and cool pattern. This allows us to see and pin point exactly where an issue my be occurring.  It can detect an area that is strained and might be about to have a more serious injury. Thermal Imaging can show us a clear picture of the horse with out any distress to the horse. We really like this method of diagnostics as we can track progress and compare images over a sequence of time. It is also a great way to check saddle fit. 

Our licenced Infrared Thermographer has been imaging horses since 2014 and loves to be able to work with horses and owners to improve their horses. Carin Brown of Picture Perfect Equine LLC works directly with us to give you the best quality care possible.   

Prepurchase Examinations
Purchasing a new horse can be a daunting endeavor.

We are committed to helping the process go as smoothly as possible by providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. The basic procedure includes a comprehensive physical examination (eyes, teeth, heart, lungs, and body condition) and soundness evaluation. We also offer drug testing and other diagnostic blood work (complete blood count, blood chemistry, metabolic disease testing, etc.), osteopathic evaluations, and digital radiography. You can depend on us to operate with transparency and integrity during this process.

Basic PPE: $450 - includes physical exam, flexions, under saddle movement evaluation. 

Radiographs: $200 for first 4 views. %40 each additional view. 

*Bloodwork, ultrasound, endoscopy can be added for an additional fee.

Regular dental examinations and floats should be part of your horse’s healthcare regimen.

Malocclusions, broken teeth, and severe dental points can interfere with your horse’s ability to chew food. This could lead to serious health consequences, including weight loss, malnutrition, and dental or sinus infections, just to name a few. Poor dentition may also interfere with your horse’s willingness to accept the bit and overall athletic performance. True North Equine offers routine dental exams and floats, tooth extractions, dental radiography.

Digital radiography
State-of-the-art wireless digital x-ray machine.

We are capable of producing high quality radiographs for diagnosing injuries, evaluating joint health, and making recommendations for your farrier. We are happy to provide you with these images for your records.

IMG_2838 (1).jpeg
Nutrition Consult
Indigo Ancestral Health works with us to help you help your equine partner.

To ensure appropriate macro and micro nutrient balance for the bio-individuality of your horse. They can be done online via video chat or over the phone. Whether a faithful friend or competitive partner, juvenile or geriatric, healthy or recovering from injury or ailment, acute or chronic, we are here to help tailor a feeding and supplement program that supports the bio-individual needs of your horse. Trace minerals are essential in countless metabolic functions in all phases of the life process. Many symptoms are associated with mineral and vitamin deficiencies and/or excess. Hair mineral analysis can help us evaluate exactly what your horse needs. 

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