Meet True North's Associates

Here at True North Equine we strive to help your horse live a happy healthy life.  In order to accomplish this goal, we believe team work is the key.  We have several associates that help us achieve our goal.  Whether it is farrier work, dentistry, massage, energy work, and more!  True North and their associates work together on many cases.  Here are a few biography's on some of our team!

Marcia Rosenberger - Animal Communicator

A Certified Reiki Master and professional animal communicator,  Marcia is also trained in holistic natural horseman techniques to help develop a positive working relationship between horse and owner.  Communicating with animals since childhood, Marcia took time out to pursue degrees and work in Veterinary Technology, Molecular Biology, Technical and Science Communication, and a teaching certificate before returning to her first love, animal communication.

How animal communication helps

Despite our best efforts, sometimes the health and behavior of our horses leaves us confused and frustrated.  It seems like every step in equine training and care involves a million decisions that leave us wondering; did it work, is it worth it?  Animal communication can shorten this process by giving us feedback directly from the horse.  Better yet, communicating with your horse is the fastest way to improve your relationship.

How animal communication assists our veterinarians

Animal communication never replaces good veterinary care, rather it helps you find the pain.  Marcia tells you how the situation feels to your horse.  She will work with you or the vet and describe the specific nature of the problem.

For example, when you ask why my horse won’t eat, he could have pain in his teeth or stomach, smell something odd in his food, or be depressed. With this knowledge, you and your vet can decide which steps to take.

Marcia using animal communication and energy work to assist Dr. Ann-Marie Hancock as she makes osteopathic adjustments.

How to contact Marcia 

Text 540-270-7741       


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